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We Are Here to Give and Serve.

Our Mission

I believe our primary purpose in life is to serve people. Our secondary purpose in life is to be served. We, as a people, have gifts, skills and talents that we can give. On the other hand we all possess inadequacies, problems and voids we need help with. We give and we receive.

Here at Southern Indiana Endodontics, we believe in the value of the Golden Rule. We strive to always respect and treat our patients the way that we would like to be respected and treated ourselves. We have established a team-oriented culture that is first and foremost dedicated to serving people. Our skillset, as an endodontic specialty practice, has been developed to serve our patients by helping them to save their teeth. In the unfortunate circumstance that someone develops a problem with a tooth that is causing pain, infection or the potential of either one occuring, we have been trained to localize, identify and eliminate the problem. Most, but not all, diseased teeth can be saved with proper endodontic (a.k.a. root canal) therapy. On occasion, some patients are better served by the removal of the offending tooth.

Our goal at Southern Indiana Endodontics, is to GIVE our patients an honest assessment of their dental condition, and to GIVE them the choice of whether or not they would like to attempt saving the tooth. If the decision is made by the patient and endodontist to keep the offending tooth, then we proceed to GIVE the most gentle, caring and efficient root canal treatment that is possible by utilizing todays most current, state of the art technology.

Our staff is our family. We are a team. We are dedicated in our service to your care. Our highest priority will be the safety, health and well-being of our patients, staff and doctors. We are here to GIVE and to SERVE.

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